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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part B

Secularism and communalism in India: Role of the state and the citizens

Author(s): Dr. Anamika Das

The word Secularism is very common phenomenon which every now and then comes too heard in main media or in social media in India. Secularism means to follow neutrality in religion or the state does not prefer or support any religion and there is no state religion. It also means show equal respect for all the religion. The term Secularism was incorporated to the constitution of India due to the growing contention, discontent and discrimination among the people of the country which is an impending threat to the unity and integrity of the Nation. Due to the growth and development of Communalism and Fundamentalist forces the term ‘Secularism’ and ‘Socialism’ was incorporated to the constitution by an amendment of the constitution on 18th December,1976 with the 42nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution. After incorporation of the word secularism in the constitution is not enough to stop the feeling of fundamentalism and communalism among the peoples of the country. Even the initiative taken through the provision of DPSP, fundamental rights and others various provisions of the constitution as well as various acts etc. are failed to remove the feeling of hatredness from the heart of the people. Secularism and Communalism are opposite to each other and secularism is failed to restraint communalism from being a challenge to the national integration. In the present study it has been tried to study the role of the state as well as the citizen of the country that how both state and citizens playing to maintained national harmony or how they are providing fuel to growth and development of the feeling of communalism among the common people.

DOI: 10.33545/26646021.2022.v4.i2b.184

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Dr. Anamika Das. Secularism and communalism in India: Role of the state and the citizens. Int J Political Sci Governance 2022;4(2):129-134. DOI: 10.33545/26646021.2022.v4.i2b.184
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