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"International Journal of Political Science and Governance"

2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part B

The idea of state of Kautilya and its relevance

Author(s): Dayal Sarkar

Abstract: The need for a state was not felt as long as the ancient Indian society was under joint ownership at the beginning of the Vedic period. Almost everywhere the ideal state and government were taken into account. He said that danda carried on the Yogaskhem of Anbhikshiki, Trayee and Barta. Proper application of these penalties will lead to improvement in religion, philosophy and economics in the society, which will enable them to gain unattainable goods, protect and preserve the acquired goods, and increase the investment in good deeds. I am trying to discuss the nature of the ancient Indian state, the "Saptangik Rajyam" state or the seven parts of the state, remembering the intricacies of epic, theology, ethics and especially economics. It is impossible to imagine a modern state without Janapada, Durgo, Kosh, Danda and Mitra or Suhrid. I will discuss this in detail. In addition to discussing its importance, I will try to analyze the modern views of various political scientists. I will also try to discuss in detail about the seven organs of the state and the additional enemies. Because I think the enemy has a role to play in the formation of the modern state.

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Dayal Sarkar. The idea of state of Kautilya and its relevance. Int J Political Sci Governance 2022;4(1):82-86.
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