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"International Journal of Political Science and Governance"

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part C

Integrated child protection scheme: A case study of Kashmir division of Jammu and Kashmir

Author(s): Zahoor Ahmad Shah and Dr. Shakshi Mehta

Abstract: Gender inequality started creeping in to the society and slowly the status of girl child degraded to such an extent that they were not given the freedom, education, basic rights, and right to education. The children of lower class section were deprived of with the basic rights like, education, freedom, marriage, shelters. As the government taken the command and our constitution providing equality to the all sections of the society the situation of the children started improving. In the welfare of children Indian government launched so many programs and scheme in order to improve the status of the children. From the study it can be concluded that health status of the children were not good. Children suffering from the mal nutrition and health problems. Government of India has provided various legislations for the children also in order to uplift their status but it’s ironical that their state remains unchanged. The evils like child labour, child abuse, child marriage still prevails in India. The existing law on child labour that allows children to work in occupations that were not part of the schedule of occupations that are considered harmful to children contradicts the right of every child to free and compulsory education and yet no attempt was made to resolve the contradiction. The government of India launched so many policies and programs to stop child abuse, child labour, child trafficking, and child sexual abuse and to uplift the status of the venerable children. With the implementation of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme by the Government. All the protection services are provided under an umbrella to the children. Through the study conducted in the J&K it could be concluded that the protection services to the children were enhanced and status of the children has been uplifted. Jammu and Kashmir administration engaged in the monitoring of all kind of protection services to the children as well as NGO’s of the union territory. During the field study it was found that NGO’s were effectively engaged in the child protection services.

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Zahoor Ahmad Shah, Dr. Shakshi Mehta. Integrated child protection scheme: A case study of Kashmir division of Jammu and Kashmir. Int J Political Sci Governance 2020;2(2):134-136.
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