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"International Journal of Political Science and Governance"

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

Study of Regionalism and Linguistic Diversity in India

Author(s): Dr. Ram Kumar Sah

Abstract: Regionalism in India is the Expression of the neglected socio-political elements which not succeed to find expression in the mainstream polity and culture. These feelings of frustration and annoyance resulting from exclusion and neglect find demonstration in regionalism. Narrow-mindedness and biases have a lasting impact on the mind of the people. They themselves do not play a part in the political process, but as a psychic factor they do influence their party organizations and their political behaviour. Seen in this perspective, regionalism in India, as elsewhere, is which can also be described as a psychic phenomenon. It has its root in the minds of the people. The language problem or the problem of the medium of instruction in the educational institutions of India has got a long and deep rooted history which dates back to British rule. India is a country where people of different communities reside with different specific languages of their own. At present India is divided into 28 states and 8 union territories. Each union territory and each state has its own state and regional language, like Assam has Assamese, Bengal has Bengali, Orissa has Oriya and so on.

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Dr. Ram Kumar Sah. Study of Regionalism and Linguistic Diversity in India. Int J Political Sci Governance 2020;2(2):83-85.
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