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"International Journal of Political Science and Governance"

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part B

The impacts of international migration: A case of United States of America and Nigeria

Author(s): Yau Idris Gadau and Yusuf Musa Yahaya

In as much as Homosapiens existed, members do migrate from one area to another looking for food or escape from disaster and war. International migration comprises movements of over 100 million people each year, in some circumstances the movement is temporary, whereas sometimes resulted to the permanent settlement. The theme of migration becomes crucial to international political discussion both between the receiver countries and that of sending countries. This paper explores the impact of migration between Nigeria and United States of America. Using content analysis, it is concluded that so many reason have been put by scholars to come up with the reason behind people to migrate to another countries, these included economic, political, social, as well as war which make magnitude of the migration varies depending on the time, moreover, with the emergence of globalization the pattern of migration varies considerably depending on the purpose being refers. This has made the concept a debatable issue by many on its benefit as well as it is cost. However the claim of problem associated with United State of America, scholars have considered migration as significant because it gains from international migrant since its formation.

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Yau Idris Gadau, Yusuf Musa Yahaya. The impacts of international migration: A case of United States of America and Nigeria. Int J Political Sci Governance 2020;2(1):93-96.
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