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"International Journal of Political Science and Governance"

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Strategic and socio economic importance of Gwadar and Chabahar port

Author(s): Wajid Ali

Abstract: Gwadar and Chabahar are two opposing projects in the South Asia. They equally have socio-political and economic repercussion for Pakistan, India, Iran and Afghanistan. It can affect the relationship amongst these states. (Positively/Negatively). Further important thing is the relation between Pakistan and India. Since the inception both have been trying to put pressure on each other. The current study is an effort to know about the socioeconomic and strategic repercussion of Gwadar and Chabahar in this region. Gwadar is the third deep sea port of Pakistan which has a major role in buy and sells between CARs, UAE, Africa and Gulf states. Pak-China wants to establish highway and different railway tracks for the prosperity and great economy of Pak-China region in the global market. On the other side India, Iran and Afghanistan have started a port having same strategy of Gwadar named Chabahar port. This port is called rivalry port. As in the future there will be great relative challenges for States who have aggressive approach towards each other’s. India, Iran and Afghanistan all have the similar kind of plan of railway highways from Chabahar port to Afghanistan and other countries which are land locked. Gwadar is very important for the financial health of Pakistan. Moreover, it will increase Pakistan’s farming output. It is recommended that government of Pakistan should propagate at global level to project Gwadar.

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Wajid Ali. Strategic and socio economic importance of Gwadar and Chabahar port. Int J Political Sci Governance 2020;2(1):07-12.
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